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$55.00 USD, $110.00 USD

National Parks Arts Foundation

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Artist-in Residence Program (New Mexico) 

September Artist in Residence Term: September 1st - September 29th, 2019

Application Deadline August 4th, 2018

Notification: August 15th, 2018




Applications Due: August 4th, 2018

Finalist & Alternates Announcement Date: August 15th, 2018

Public Programming: (Lecture/workshop/presentation) Given once per term, TBD

The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) in association with Aztec Ruins National Monument of the National Park Service now offers a RESIDENCY in northwest New Mexico. Aztec Ruins National Monument is a tightly clustered Chacoan complex made up of a Pueblo, a reconstructed Great Kiva and plaza and several close-by ceremonial ruins. Pueblo tradition claims this settlement as an important waypoint in the ancient settlement of the Rio Grande Valley. Aztec Ruins is hidden away in tree filled hills near the Animas River and the picturesque town of Aztec, NM. This is the perfect time of year to experience this amazing area.

The One-month September residency is open to all Classic & New Media Artists. So, Video Art, Installation, Collage, Photo-manipulation, Sound Sculpture, Performance, Dance, Screendance, are encouraged, anything that can free the mind, give insight and still connect people to the Monument experience in tangible and intangible ways. Please email us if you have specific questions about your project.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The Friends of Aztec Ruins National Monument will be providing MOBILE HOUSING with amenities hookup at the RV camp of the Monument. There is currently no studio. 

The artist-in-residence will also be granted a venue for at least one Public Presentation of a workshop, lecture or concert at the Monument’s Visitor’s Center. If artists would like to propose more Monument and visitor or community engagement in the form of more workshops, lectures or anything above and beyond these parameters we encourage you to go into these specifics in your application submission. 

ABOUT AZTEC RUINS NATIONAL MONUMENT. Founded as an Antiquities Monument in 1923. Though a separate administrative unit, it received its’ UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 1987 as part of the Chaco Culture National Historic Park designation. The Monument is located in the beautiful Animas River Valley, and is close to the scenic Colorado Border. The town of Aztec has all of your necessities and more for daily life. Aztec Ruins is approximately 30 minutes from the closest bigger city, Farmington, and three hours from Albuquerque.

In addition to their residency, the selected artist will have the opportunity to present lectures and workshops, exhibit their art and may donate art inspired by their stay in the Monument to Aztec Ruins National Monument or National Parks Collections, through the NPAF. This program aims to fulfill and exceed goals for Park Arts Programs as indicated in the NPS guiding document issued for the Centennial of the Park Service. NPAF will also be partnering with other partners, the National Park Service, park partners such as the Friends of Aztec Ruins, recognized museums, galleries, schools and underserved peoples organizations to cross-promote Aztec Ruins National Monument Artist in Residence Program, locally nationally and internationally.

The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) in association with The Aztec Ruins National Monument of the National Park Service now offers RESIDENCIES in the Aztec Ruins National Monument.

MOBILE HOUSING will be provided by the Friends of  Aztec Ruins National Monument nearby at the Monument's RV/Camping Area.  There will be a hook up and amenities for the RV/Trailer.

For ease of coordination and communication with the Park Service,  Artists or Artist couples must schedule their arrival between 10-3 on  federal work days, and must have their own transportation for the month  of the residency. 

Open to all Classic & New Media Artists. 

PLEASE NOTE: The status and updates of all proposals are the responsibility of the applicant through Submittable.com. We thank all applicants for their interest and continued support. However, only those candidates selected as winners and alternates will be contacted.

Application Portfolio:


Please attach the following :

1. Image Samples or video (3-7 images or 12 images or 1 video/audio (3 min.) Writers may submit a work sample of 20 pages max length.

2. Project Proposal Summary * see description below*

3. CV or Resume

4. Biography (3,000 characters or less)

Label each like: NPAF_AZRUAIR2017_(your last name)_(file name).(file type)

Example: NPAF_AZRUAIR2017_Smith_Resume.PDF

* Please include any other relevant information or main points we should know about your work and process.

** Project Proposal Summary: Please describe your planned project and working method addressing the following questions and anything else we may need to know, relevant to your project: (2 letter-sized pages max)

VIDEO SUBMISSION is strongly encouraged for all performance-based work, but also may be used to show the range of a series of visual artworks. Be aware that HD video compression is probably not the best way to show off nuances in art work. 


* These are simply recommended questions to address. What YOU think is important needs to be addressed in your proposal.

What is your artistic area of expertise?

How do you plan to present your work through a public presentation/workshop/lecture or concert ?

How do you feel being at the Monument and Scenic Northern New Mexico will further your work ?

Why do you feel the monument, with with its unique access to Chacoan Cultures and vibrant history would be a good fit for your work and process reflecting monument aspects, inspired by monument resources ? 

How do you feel the public will benefit from your artwork being on display or performed in the monument venue as well as museum and gallery venues?

What help or equipment do you need/expect from other people?

All  terms herein may change and are subject on the approval of the NPS,  NPAF and other governing entities. The entire program may be delayed,  changed or cancelled, to which NPAF, NPS and any affiliates will NOT be  held accountable or responsible. All AiR participants may be required to  accept further conditions contracts and agreements including but not  limited to; back-ground checks, codes of conduct, special use permits,  J-1 visas,rules and regulations, housing agreements,  volunteer-in-the-park (VIP) artist contract and any other apparent and  unforeseen agreements required of any governing entity, namely the  National Park Service, NPAF and/or NPS concessionaires. All funding is  subject to U.S and international laws.